1. Iron Love

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Iron Love

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Our new single, Iron Love, is our most adventurous attempt at encapsulating the quintessential Just People sound that we have been searching for since the bands origins in 2007.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Sound in Portland, Oregon, Iron Love is a tribute to the uncontainable spirit and drive that keeps us all moving forward.


Big dreams don't come to those who bicker over small ideas
Though I know it seems we're ready for it
I've got my, hand on the wheel
But the other is a stone cold, red light thief ya'll
God damn, it feels so good to say it it
I'm an animal,
An animal who's loosing sense of wrong or right but a dog in a fight,
has no concern but to get out alive.

You're a, big time, pedal pushing profit
Had it all but then you lost it
Here's to hoping you forgot it somewhere close
Behind, but never look back
It's a one way, chain gang, street war coup ya'll
I need, a back seat lady
That special shade of crazy gonna fill me up right now
Time's time, you can buy or decline
but we're still flesh and bones at the end of our line

I have my reasons for guarding my loving
I have my reasons for being alone
One of these days,they're gonna all up and fade away
and I'll come back for mine

Go on and get yours
my dance queen woman
You're a back door shaman
better keep that on the low low low
I heard, my head is a pill, but the other
is a stage right, grand slam, freak now
I need, the right kind of pressure
lace enlightenment and leather gonna stand me up right now
Uptown, got that heat underground
but you can't win that race
till the gun shoots it round