1. Abundance

From the recording Light/Weight (2013)

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I wish, I wish, I wish that I could recall
Each and every person still within my reach
Who thinks, who thinks, who thinks they know it all
Often truth they do not truly see

In our final hours, we gathered round and found each others side
Till we vanished into seeds which now we still reside
And in so many ways I hesitate to simply say goodbye
But for now is all we’ll be and we are oh so lovely

I said, I said, I said what am I supposed to be
Oh child anything you’d ever want to be
I read, I read, I read of love and deities
They’re all in you if you would just open up and see

In our darkest hour, we realize that light is all we are
And it shines to clean and brightly through us all
But in our search for power, we compromise our beauty and our means
To reside within our own heavenly dreams

We have it all within us now (x8)