1. Passion

From the recording Light/Weight (2013)

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Passion will grab you, fill you up and whisper you’re a winner
It attacks relentlessly
Passion will stab you, apologize and take you out to dinner
To forgive and forget eventually

I am the boy outside playing music on the corner, and you’re the girl up in the balcony
I have no choice, don’t say I didn’t try to warn you
It has control of me

Passion is a vampire / ruler of the night and feeding on resistance
But in the light it cleans up graciously
Passion is the thin line / dividing the unknown and what we call existence
Since this is cosmic energy

It drives your car even though it hasn’t learned a stick shift
And picks you up when you are stumbling
Oh it breaks your heart just to see how quickly it can fix it
And it grows inside of me (x4)

Passion is a lover, a thousand miles away that holds you like the setting of the sun
Fills you up with light and energy
Though you’re always thinking of her
The distance is a metaphor for what you have and what you haven’t done
Elemental symmetry

We stand our ground on guard at the gates of the city
To build this crown of love and ecstasy
And plant our dreams to grow as seeds into an oak tree
Have grown to be

Passion is desire, aspiring infinity that burns in me until my job is done
With great strength comes responsibility
Passion is my fire, burning hotter than the center of our luminescent omnipresent sun
Yeah it’s overwhelming me

We have no choice but to live by the goddess of redemption
And fill this void with light and energy
Although at times my voice will stagger in repentance
It burns inside of me (x4)