1. Assembly Line

From the recordings June 18th and Beware Of The Phoenix

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Assembly Line is a satirical glance at the modern art of parenting and the dawning realization of the necessity of interdependence.


I'll break you in, my little child
mold you in the image of what I believe
and I'll raise you, as my own
for you see this world is an orphan

I'll guard you, stand by your side
Farm fresh fields and factories
and move you down the assembly line
fill you with desire and my endless greed

I'll build you up, piece by piece
creating life out of metal and a mountainside
and I'll will you, if I please
with a hatchet and a jar of formaldehyde
but if one day, you grow to strong
then I shall cower at your feet
but in the meantime, I am the law
and I will do, exactly as I please

We're All Alright, We're all alright together
But when we're on our own we're all insane

You had me, all along
I made you in the image of a modern man
You stood up, destroyed my thrown
Speaking words that I could not understand
I beg you, creatures of stone
Please help them for they know not what they do
And one day, when your little one grows
They will look and act just as you do

We're all alright, we're all alright together
But when we're on our own we're all insane