1. I Woke Up

From the recordings June 18th and Beware Of The Phoenix

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I Woke Up is a true story exploring the undervalued journey into the potential for pure joy and primal awakening.


I try to compromise with words but they are absolute
While we all sympathize with our losses cost and proof
Caught up in complications we bustle through each day
I’m through commiserating with unnecessary pain
I Woke Up
It seems so simple now that jealousy is gone
now longer do I worry about which side I am on
For we are one and one is all we will ever need
And life is death and death is a reason to live indeed
I woke up from the middle of a deep dark slumber with ideas about how to save
This aging nation with a stagnant population who refuse to think or say
There’s no need for complication and no need to live in fear
Respect your fellow humans being my dear
A simple happiness I wish to you and yours
For lack of love creates addictions hate and wars
You wish to free us all then start to free yourself
All that our world needs is an abundance of mental health
I Woke Up