Todd Gee - Bass

Todd Gee holds such a strong bond with the bass that it is hard to know which is is the instrument and which is the player. Go back about a decade to Todd's early high school years and you will find a young student studying under a decorated teacher and progressing in skill at an alarming rate. Put this same kid into a univesity town like Eugene, OR, overflowing with people with the desire to form a band, and you get a highly popular individual with more nicknames than anyone you know. Add to that a dedication to quality of tone, an uncanny ability to navigate the neck, and an insatiable appetite for exactness and you get a bass player that everyone who ever dreamt of being a rockstar wants to know. If it is proof you seek, turn up the low end a little on some Just People tunes. You will quickly discover that Todd can effortlessly manipulate the emotion and character of a song without so much as a bead of sweat descending from his brow. We call him "The Magic Man" and he's ours.