Scott's Solo Tracks

Scott Gilmore - Lead Vocals

Scott Gilmore is a force. If only by chance you happened to stumble into a venue hosting a Just People show you would immediately find yourself in a current of energy that would inevitably bring you as close as you can physically get to the stage on which Scott stands. Once there, you would feel an uninterrupted connection to the music and soul that carry his words to your ears. Don't think that this spell that is cast upon you is made of magic. Indeed, Scott is armed with a journalism degree from the University of Oregon, over fifteen years of songwriting, a fierce grip on the guitar and piano, and an uncanny ability to create melodies that will not soon be forgotten. The Register Guard claims that, "Scott Gilmore is an incorrigible idealist". But, it is with this necessary abandon that Scott navigates the terra firma in his transcendental pilgrimage to awaken the world.